Platform Manager

  • Only inventory managers can create units or inventories. 

    What is an app? 

    A mobile application consists of various ad units or inventories that deliver Buzzvil's ads. But you can add only one lockscreen and offerwall unit, respectively.

    Create an app

    You can add your app in Platform Manager. When you add your app, please follow the naming format as below: 

    • App name_OS, Dev/OP
      - eg. Slidejoy_AOS_OP and Slidejoy_iOS_Dev
    1. Open Platform Manager.
    2. Select Apps.
    3. Select Create App on the top right.
    Inventory managers can create units or inventories for each app. 

  • You can search and track users who have interacted with ads on Buzzvil's ad units, or inventories. You can also search users who have reached out to you through CS/VOC.

    View user actions

    1. Platform manager can select the User Actions menu
    2. Use the Search and Filters bar and (3) hit apply 
    • Period: When your user has interacted with the ads and contents
    • App: The app where your user have interacted with the ads and contents delivered through Buzzvil's inventories
    • User
      - IFA / ADID / UDID(ios) : User's mobile ad ID
      - User ID: An ID that Buzzvil and publisher uses to identify a user
      - Required fields are marked with *.

    User action information 

    • Date: When a user interacted with an ad
    • Campaign: Which ad and content a user interacted with
    • Type: Type of ad (action-based, cpm, content and so on) *Action-type ads are currently only available in Korea 
    • Total pts: How many points a user earned
      - Landing: Points earned through landing pages
      - Base: Basic amount of points
    • Remark: Reaction of a user when he or she earned points
      - Landing: Landing page of an ad
      - Unlock: Unlocking the lockscreen ad
      - Action: Action-type ad (Only available in Korea) 
    • Unit: The ad inventory or unit a user interacted with 
    • Status: Whether a cpm or content has 'Success(ed)' or 'Failed'
      - For Action-type ad, you can see when an action has taken place (For Korean market only)
      - Clicked: A user has clicked an ad
      - OOKRW: If you multiply the point rate to the price of an ad, you get the number of points a user earned