Create Ad Group

Getting started

  1. Select Direct Sales in the Campaign manager.
  2. Select the New button on the top right.

Create a new ad group

We recommend creating an ad group for you to see an accurate report of your ads.

If you create ad group for display or videos, you can see the report of related ad products. 

If you don't, you report will show all of your ads in one set. It will be hard for you to see the reports based on the ad types. 

See what ads you can set up for the group type below. 
  • Display(CPM): Create CPC, CPM ads
  • Video(Video): Create video ads (CPV)

Create a new campaign

Add ad creative

You can upload lockscreen and native type ads at once. 

Copy and Import

Copy ads and creative

When you copy an ad, the settings will be copied. You can separately import the ad creatives. 

Import Ad

Because ads and creatives are set separately in the new admin, it is not possible to copy ads and creatives at the same time when copying just like in the old admin. Instead, you can paste the same content by importing ads and creatives from other items.

Import ad settings

Click the Import Settings button to search for existing ads and import their settings. All the values on the settings page are replaced with the values of the imported ad.

Import creatives

You can import previously created creatives.

  1. Click Import Creative in the New Creative page.
  2. Search ads on the popup.
  3. Select an ad and click import.

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