Getting Started

  • Select the icon at the left top to select the desired menu.

    Dashboard 메뉴 구성

    Menu NameSub-menuDescription
    Platform Manager

    My Account: Manage my account, Change password

    My Organization: View Information on my organization

    Apps: View list of apps, Add your apps and change info

    Accounts: View, create and change accounts of operator, advertisers, provider 

    User Actions: Search users of your apps and their actions

    Create, manage and monitors admin accounts, activities and apps
    Inventory Manager

    App Overview: Overview of the selected app, created by the platform manager, Creating an unit(s)

    Blacklist: You can use the keyword filters to search your app's ads and content

    Units (Inventories): Change unit information of a selected app, Create new unit(s)

    You can create only one lockscreen and offerwall unit for on app, respectively. Once, you have done so the button to add unit will disappear.

    Analytics: See report of each unit or inventory

    Create units, or inventories, for each apps created by the platform manager, and see reports
    Campaign Manager

    Monitoring: Overview of currently operating content and ads

    Direct Sales: View, create, and change an ad group, an ad and creatives

    Channels: View the channels that are providing contents

    Content Items: Create new content, View and change operating contents

    Targets: Create/View a user group for ads targeting

    Create and manage ads and contents and see reports
    Finance Manager

    Payouts: See payment data

    See payment data